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Retrieving from Storage

Important Points
  • In March, come to our website and complete our online Spring Launch Card to request an appointment and indicate how you want to get your boat. Do you want to pick it up on its trailer, or from the Marina? Do you want it delivered to your dock? Or, delivered to your driveway?

  • BOATS ARE READY FOR PICKUP BETWEEN 2PM -4PM. If you need your boat before 4pm, PLEASE choose the day prior. We make every effort to have your vessel ready when you want it, but to ensure it is ready for you (and your family or friends), schedule it PRIOR to the time you need it.

  • Please have up to three dates, as we ask for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice dates. If your boat wasn't running well when it went into storage, let us know! It may take longer to get it ready for you, which could delay up to several days.

  • Launch appointments are placed in the order we receive them. Appointments in May fill very quickly once we release the Launch Card for completion. Friday and Saturday appointments fill especially quickly.

Spring Details

  1. Reserve your desired date by completing an online Launch Card. It is brief, but important to the process.

  2. After completing your Online Launch Card, you will receive an email from us confirming which date your boat is scheduled, and pertinent details for your Launch Date.

  3. Approximately two weeks prior to your Launch Date, we will contact you to confirm the date is still convenient for you. Make sure your dock is ready!

  4. ON YOUR LAUNCH DAY, WE WILL CALL YOU when your boat is ready for you to pickup, whether from the Boat Lot or Marina.

  5. If you are picking up from the Boat Lot, once you are alerted to its readiness, please pick up your boat within two weeks. You are able to get to the Boat Lot between 8AM and 8PM  and do not need to stop in at any office to alert us.  The Boat Lot is located beyond both the Service Department and the fenced yard, on the right-hand side of Lanes End Road.

  6. If you are picking up your boat from the Marina, after you have been alerted to its readiness, please pick up your boat within 24 hours of our call between 8AM and 8PM. If you are unable to do this, please contact us to discuss options.

  7. Please park your car in the parking lot just past the Boat Lot, but we ask that it is not for more than a few hours.

  8. If you need to unload items from your vehicle, there is a loading/unloading space at the Marina.

If you have your STICKERS & REGISTRATION and would like the decals placed on your boat prior to receiving it:
       2. Mail your Registration and Decals to
                 LE Marine Service.
                 PO Box 14 
​                 Melvin Village, NH 03850

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