When do you want your boat removed from storage?

2021 Spring Newsletter

  • What is the process for getting my boat?

  • How do I get my boat out of storage if I don't have a trailer?

  • How do I pickup my boat on its trailer?

  • Where can I register my boat?

  • Can I store my trailer for the summer?

Boat-Pickup Process
  1. Reserve your date today by completing an on-line Launch Card.

  2. We will respond within 24-48 hours with an email to confirm your requested date.

  3. If we are not able to schedule your boat on the date requested, we will call you to find a different date.

  4. Call or email us, at least two weeks prior to your requested date, to confirm you will be picking up your boat on the date requested.

  5. WE WILL CALL YOU on your launch date when your boat is ready for pickup.

About the process...

  • If you are interested in launching your boat on a holiday weekend, i.e. Mother's Day, Fourth of July, etc., complete your Launch Card ASAP. These dates go quickly!

  • We are CLOSED SUNDAYS and do not launch, stage or deliver boats on that day.

  • We MUST receive a Launch Card for ALL boats in storage to be placed on the schedule. (This includes Self-Store and DBO customers)
  • There are a limited number of slips available for launching, so it is important you pick up your boat the day you requested it.

  • Boats are typically launched between 2:00pm to 4:30pm on requested date. We cannot  guarantee times of launch beyond that window.

  • If your boat is not picked up when requested and needs to be removed from the lake additional charges will be incurred.

  • Trailered Boats will be staged for pickup in the Boat Lot, located beyond the Service Department and fenced yard, on the right-hand side. The lot is open 8am - 8pm

  • Boat delivery is available on a limited basis.

Summer Trailer Storage

All boat trailers left on site will incur a $125 summer storage fee if not picked up within 2 weeks of your boat being launched. 

Welcome, Amy!

We are please and excited to welcome Amy Fillion to the shop as our new Parts & Service Writer. Charlie has decided to stay where the weather is warmer year-round. Amy is found at extension 2.

Lanes End, Inc. is a registered on-line boat agent and can register your boat,

with or without a renewal letter from the State.

If you would like your decals placed on your boat prior to receiving the boat, please sign the State renewal notice in two places and mail it to:


Lanes End, Inc.

PO Box 160

Melvin Village NH 03850

DO NOT send any money with document.

Without State renewal paperwork, please come to the Business Office with your current driver’s license and we can register your boat and give you the registration and decals on the spot with your payment. We accept only cash or check for registrations. Sorry, no credit cards.


The Business Office is open Monday—Friday closed Wednesdays and Sundays and is located at the end of Lanes End Road; turn right at the fork in the road. Our front door is located in the middle of the building.