Spring Launch Cards tell us when and how you want to receive your boat!!

1999 21' SeaRay Sundeck 210

Launch at Lanes End Marina Docks

We will launch your boat to a slip at Lanes End Marina. We will call you to let you know when it is available, which is usually after 2pm or later.  There are a limited number of slips available for launching, so it is important you pick up your boat the day you have requested it.


Park in Boat Lot

If we store your trailer as well as your boat, we will put your boat in our Boat Lot, located past the Service Department Entrance. This lot is open 8am to 8pm for your convenience.


Deliver by Water or on Your Trailer

We can deliver your boat to your location either by land or water. Delivery is available on a limited basis for a fee, within a limited area. Please indicate exactly where and how to deliver your boat. 

Spring Launch Card 2021

This is ONLY for 2021 Launches

I hereby authorize the above work and tentative launch date.  I will confirm this tentative launch date 14 days before launch by email.  I also understand that all invoices must be paid in full before I can remove or receive my boat(s) from Lanes  End Marine Service & Storage. 

NOTE:  Launch, delivery or Pick up dates & times cannot be guaranteed.

Please Select Only ONE