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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get my boat out of storage?

Please complete a Spring Launch Card online at (button) Whether you want your boat launched, left in the Boat Lot for you, or delivered, the Spring Launch Card starts the process of getting your boat ready for you to use. If you schedule it for a date that you later need to change, just call us to make that change, or submit a second card. We do not pull your boat from storage to do spring work on it until the date you want it. We expect to finish the de-winterizing and other spring work on the same day we give it to you. If it is pulled from storage and found to have more issues, or is not running well for any other reason, it may take a few more days to complete the work, which may include waiting for a part. We will contact you just prior to the selected date to make sure that date will still be convenient.

Invoice & Payment Questions

We EMAIL our invoices as soon as possible after receiving your boat for storage. We also email your spring services invoices, if any, as soon as possible after you take your boat. Checks (Bill-Pay, electronic bank checks or personal) must be made payable to LANES END MARINE SERVICE or to LE Marine Service. We accept CASH or CHECKS for the storage amount listed on your invoice. Parts and Service can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, Discover cards, cash or checks. If you want only want to pay storage by credit card, a 3% fee will be added to the amount of storage that you are paying by card, not the total bill.

Do you store trailers over the summer? boats?


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What is the process for storing my boat or jet ski?

1. Complete a Storage Agreement 2. Send a check for $300 to the office: PO Box 14, Melvin Village, NH 03850 the check MUST be made out to "Lanes End Marine Service" or "LE Marine Service" Once we have your Agreement, and $300 deposit, we will put your date on our calendar for you to bring it to us, or for us to pick it up. To pay your deposit by Credit Card, call and speak with Amy, Theresa or Sue 603-544-2000

Can you put my NH Boat Registration stickers on my boat before I get it?

Yes! Mail them to us at PO BOX 14, Melvin Village, NH 03850. If you have not registered your boat in NH before, call the business office at 603-544-2641 to find out what you need to have it registered, and they can register it for you. If you recieved your NH Boat Registration form in the mail from the DMV, you can mail it to Lanes End, Inc. and they will process your boat registration for you. Please see (button) for directions before mailing it.

How early can I get my boat out of storage? How late can I put it into storage?

Early to mid-April is usually ice-out in Melvin Bay & Shelter Cove. We MUST RECEIVE A LAUNCH CARD FROM YOU before we get your boat ready for you. We do not remove it from storage until we have an electronic card from the website from you about your boat. INTO STORAGE: October 31 (unless it falls on a Sunday, then, October 30) is the last day to recieve your boat for storage.

I didn't recieve my Boat Registration renewal papers from the DMV; what can I do?

Lanes End, Inc. can register the boat for you, and then have the stickers and registration put on your boat before you recieve it. Please follow this link:

I filled out a Storage Agreement last year; do I need to do another one?

Yes. We need a new Storage Agreement every year for each year's storage. Our storage contract is for 12 months, September 1 to August 31.

I want to sell my boat, but I don't want the hassle. What can you do for me?

You can consign your boat to Lanes End Marine Service to sell for you for 10% comission. Tim will talk to prospective buyers about the boat, take it out on the water with them, and get the bust price for you. We will advertise it online, in the papers, and on Gov Wentworth Highway.

My boat is in storage, but I will not be using it this summer. What do I do?

When can I get my boat out of storage?

Monday to Saturday. We are closed Sundays. Boats are pulled from storage and then given their spring service, such as dewinterizing and anything else requested.

How far in advance to I need to send a Launch Card to get my boat?

If you want your boat for Memorial Day, send a launch card as soon as you recieve notice that the Launch Card is available online! Each year we have some disappointed customers who wait until two three weeks ahead to request a Saturday before Memeorial Day, only to have to wait until after Memorial Day to get their boat. For any popular holiday, we may need 6-12 weeks notice to get you on the schedule. We can launch 6 (six) boats only on each day, Monday to Saturday. After the schedule is full with six boats, we have to give you a different date.

How can I make sure my boat is ready the day I want it?

1. Before going into storage, tell us all about ANY problems you had over the summer, even if they seem to have "resolved" themselves. We want to know about odd sounds, slow responses, difficult actions. Be sure to write those on your Storage Agreement, or even in an email to us. The more we know about the problem, the sooner we can fix it. 2. Request a date BEFORE your big gathering. Your boat is taken from storage on the day you request it and worked on that day. Most boats are completed within 2-3 hours of pulling from storage. If yours has an issue when we take it for a lake test, it can add at least two more hours to the process, delaying by at least a day, possibly more. 3. Complete the Launch Card AS SOON AS WE SEND THE EMAIL telling you it is available to complete. We will announce the Launch Card as available in March and send an email to the email address we have on file for you. Please be sure to keep us informed if you change your email address. Be sure that Lanes End Marine Service is in your Contacts, so that it knows is not SPAM.

What are the advantages of Indoor Storage over wrapped outside

Boats are stored in one of several large boat storage sheds at Lanes End, protected from the elements Snow and moisture are prevented from collecting in the hidden areas of your boat Boat's protective cover is protected from heavy snow or crushing ice Possible internal boat damage is prevented