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Boat Registrations

Lanes End, Inc.

is a NH State Boat Agent and can issue Boat Registration & Decals immediately.

(different company than Lanes End Marine Service)

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  • Your NH State Registration Renewal Application came in the mail


  2. Bring or mail to us all four parts of the registration form to the  Office of Lanes End, Inc. at     P.O. BOX 160, Melvin Village, NH 03850

  3. Do not include any money at that time

  4. LE,  Inc. will register your boat and have your new sticker on your boat and the new registration certificate inside the boat at the time of pickup

  5. You will receive an invoice after receiving your boat.

  6. Cash or check as payment is accepted,  but we DO NOT accept cards for payment of registration (debit or credit cards). 

  • You have your STICKERS & REGISTRATION and would like the decals placed on your boat prior to receiving the boat, SIGN TWO PLACES WHERE INDICATED (Owner Copy & DMV Copy) and mail all copies (STILL ATTACHED) and your decals/stickers to LE Marine Service. PO Box 14  Melvin Village, NH 03850

  • You do not have your NH State Registration Renewal Application, we can register your boat with your personal signature on our original document. That means you need to come to the Business Office (by the beach) to sign it. Please bring cash or check with you, as payment is due at time of registration. We can accept cash or checks for payment at that time, we DO NOT accept cards for payment of registration (debit or credit cards). We are prohibited from mailing the stickers and/or registration through the mail.


Note: If you did not receive the NH State form in the mail, NH State may have a different address for you than the address you use October through December when they mail them. That mail is not forwardable. 

Below is a NH State Address Change Form that you can mail to the state at address indicated on the form.

For questions regarding REGISTRATION, visit the NH DMV, Boat Registration at 

or call them at (603) 227-4030

You just purchased a boat and need it registered, bring the Bill of Sale (or a copy of it) to the Lanes End, Inc. office where we can issue the new registration and stickers for you.  Below is a blank Bill of Sale that you can use, but it is not necessary to have something this formal.

We can register your new boat if you bring to us:

  1. Your Driver's License

  2. Bill of Sale that includes:

    1. Seller's Name​

    2. Seller's Address (must have physical address)

    3. Seller's Signature

    4. Description of the boat that includes EITHER the VIN number or the Bow number

    5. Your Name & Address

    6. Your Signature

If your NH State Renewal papers came in the mail
If you DO NOT HAVE the NH State Renewal
If you PURCHASED a boat or jet ski
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